Building A Better GPU Cloud

Arc was founded based on the belief that utilizing the latest technologies to advance scientific discovery shouldn’t come at a barely affordable cost. Companies across many industries require heavy computing resources to run their operations. With our growing reliance on data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to build innovative solutions, having access to the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs in a transparent manner at affordable costs is crucial.

GPU for Everyone

Justin Ritchie - CEO of Arc Compute
Justin Ritchie
Arthur Rasmusson - COO of Arc Compute
Arthur Rasmusson
Michael Buchel - CTO of Arc Compute
Michael Buchel
Like many cloud users, our founders, Justin and Arthur, discovered how costly accessing enterprise-grade GPUs could be firsthand. Before starting Arc Compute they were working in the 3D graphics industry and required a large amount of GPU compute for graphics rendering. With limited options available they settled for GPU instances in the AWS cloud. They quickly realized that Amazon’s services were unsustainable due to how quickly additional costs accumulated on their monthly bills. A lack of price transparency, along with ingress/egress fees can make utilizing GPUs in the cloud nearly impossible to accurately budget for and their monthly cloud bill quickly became their biggest operating expense. To try and solve this problem for themselves and many others, they developed Arc's GPU virtualization software. Michael, Arc's CTO, joined as the third partner to help expand and direct the team building the second production version of Arc’s next-generation GPU hypervisor, the only one of it’s kind to exist outside of the GPU vendor’s own software.
"Arc Compute's services have allowed us to advance our research at a faster rate, thanks to the boost in performance and cost savings we've experienced."
Brian Dennis, CTO - Data Machines Corporation (Saved 75% over AWS)

Custom GPU Infrastructure

Arc Compute is dedicated to providing our customers with the best cloud computing experience possible. Unlike other cloud providers, we have developed our own GPU/CPU hypervisor, called Hyperborea. Hyperborea allows us to cutout the middleman and virtualize our GPUs at a drastically reduced cost. We pass these cost savings on to our customers with fixed monthly pricing for dedicated GPU compute with no additional fees like ingress/egress. We’re committed to working with our customers to build them a custom cloud that will meet their unique business needs. We have no set menu for our GPU instances because we understand that different workloads across many industries have unique compute requirements.
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gpu chip
Superior GPU Compute

Arc's proprietary software increases GPU performance for AI/ML/DL workloads by up to 80%

flexible infrastructure
Flexible Infrastructure

Custom GPU instances and Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure

maximum gpu utilization
Maximum GPU Utilization

Dynamic Direct Memory Access Mediation allocates GPU cores and VRAM at run-time

transparent pricing
Transparent Pricing

With fixed monthly prices you won't be charged any additional fees for usage or ingress/egress

Free features included on all our servers

Arc Compute doesn't charge ingress or egress fees.
Ingress & Egress
Arc Compute offers 24/7 support.
24/7 Support
Arc Compute offers managed security-as-a-service.
Managed Security-as-a-Service
Arc Compute offers preconfigured images.
Preconfigured Images

Better Performance, Better Price

Monthly 1-year commit
Monthly 2-year commit
Monthly 3-year commit
Arc Compute 8 X A100 Instance Dedicated
$1,875 per GPU
$1,315.56 per GPU
$964.70 per GPU
AWS 8 X A100
EC2 P4d Instance Dedicated
$2,532.57 per GPU
$1,607.93 per GPU
AWS prices are based on the available prices listed on their website as of April 2022.