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Arc Compute is a Toronto-based cloud provider that develops custom GPU-accelerated infrastructure for its customers. We specialize in creating optimized GPU solutions for compute-intensive use cases - Computational Drug Discovery, Natural Language Processing, VFX Rendering, AI/ML, and Data Analytics - that feature an up to 80% increase in performance over any other cloud provider. This performance boost is thanks to GVM Server, Arc Compute’s GPU/CPU hypervisor, which enables up to 100% GPU utilization.

Arc Compute offers superior cloud gpu performance
Superior Performance

Arc's proprietary software increases GPU performance for AI/ML/DL workloads by up to 80%

Arc Compute enables max cloud GPU utilization.
Max GPU Utilization

Our GPU hypervisor allocates GPU cores and VRAM at run-time for 100% GPU utilization.

Arc Compute offers transparent cloud GPU pricing.
Transparent Pricing

With fixed monthly prices you won't be charged any additional fees for usage or ingress/egress

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