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Your Custom GPU Cloud at a Fraction of the Cost

It's time for you to stop accepting the inflated prices that other popular cloud providers charge. Our GPU cloud is optimized for AI, ML, DL, and HPC workloads. Gain the flexibility your company needs with a cloud solution that meets your every need. You'll never compromise again.

GPU For Everyone

Arc Compute is dedicated to providing our customers with the best cloud computing experience possible. Unlike other cloud providers, we have developed our own GPU/CPU Hypervisor we call Hyperborea. Hyperborea allows us cutout the middleman and virtualize our GPUs at a drastically reduced cost. We pass these cost savings on to our customers with fixed monthly pricing for dedicated GPU compute with absolutely no additional fees like ingress/egress. We’re also committed to working with our customers to build them a custom cloud that will meet their unique business needs. We have no set menu for our GPU instances because we understand that different workloads across many industries have unique compute requirements.
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Superior GPU Compute

Arc's proprietary software increases GPU performance for AI/ML/DL workloads by up to 80%

flexible infrastructure
Flexible Infrastructure

Custom GPU instances and Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure

maximum gpu utilization
Maximum GPU Utilization

Dynamic Direct Memory Access Mediation allocates GPU cores and VRAM at run-time

transparent pricing
Transparent Pricing

With fixed monthly prices you won't be charged any additional fees for usage or ingress/egress

Better Performance, Better Price

Monthly 1-year commit
Monthly 2-year commit
Monthly 3-year commit
Arc Compute 8 X A100 Instance Dedicated
$1,875 per GPU
$1,315.56 per GPU
$964.70 per GPU
AWS 8 X A100
EC2 P4d Instance Dedicated
$2,532.57 per GPU
$1,607.93 per GPU
AWS prices are based on the available prices listed on their website as of April 2022.
We like to stay ahead of the curve.

GPU Partitioning (Multiplexing)

With Arc Cloud & Hyperborea, we provide the ability to split GPUs up to 64 times, with support coming for 256+.

Run-time GPU Memory Allocation

Host mediated vtg_balloon like API calls use hot plugging to maintain IOMMU address separation while allowing GPU memory to be allocated at run-time.

Less Cost. Better Performance. Do more.

Virtualizing GPUs often involves extremely costly software. We run proprietary software to provide you with better performance at lower costs. Available now in the Arc Cloud.

Wider Hardware Support

With Arc Compute, our virtualization software supports enterprise and consumer GPUs from all the major vendors.

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Taking GPU Multiplexing to the Next Level

Our exclusive, “Simultaneous Multi-Virtual GPU” allows for superior performance and much higher utilization by dynamically allocating resources at run-time, shifting execution capabilities and GPU cores from under-utilized or idle resources.
Now available in Arc's GPU cloud service and Hyperborea product.
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