The Only Vendor Agnostic GPU Hypervisor

GVM Server, our proprietary hypervisor, is the only hypervisor that can be used to virtualize CPU and GPU across multiple GPU manufacturers. While NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel all have their own GPU virtualization tools ours is compatible with all of them.

Thanks to GVM Server, you will experience up to 80% better performance in our cloud compared to any other cloud provider. That means faster training times, shorter time to insight, and a condensed revenue cycle.
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Arc Compute GPU Cloud

Your Personalized GPU Solutions

Our GPU-accelerating technology can be utilized across many different platforms. Take advantage of our GPU cloud-as-a-service by reserving top-of-the-line GPU instances that are optimized for for a wide range of AI, ML, DL, and HPC use cases. Take advantage of or hypervisor, GVM Server, in your own on-premise Borealis GPU server and select Supermicro servers featuring Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series. Or, use an open-source version of our hypervisor to virtualize your consumer graphics card without the need to own a secondary discreet GPU.
Reserved GPU Cloud
Reserved GPU CLoud
Achieve better performance at a better price with NVIDIA A100 and NVIDIA A40 cloud GPUs in the Arc Cloud.
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Organization-Level Provisioning
The complete virtualization solution. GVM Server enables simplified CPU and GPU virtualization.
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Borealis GPU Servers
Borealis GPU Servers
Experience ultimate performance with NVIDIA H100 and A100 GPUs. Available in 2U, 4U, and 8U form factors.
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Open-Source GPU Virtualization
Open-Source Virtualization
Spin up GPU-accelerated virtual machines that utilize your own internal consumer graphics cards.
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Simultaneous Multi-Virtual GPU

100% Utilization with Dynamic Allocation of Resources at Run-time

An Arc Compute exclusive, “Simultaneous Multi-Virtual GPU” (SMVGPU) allows for superior performance and 100% GPU utilization by dynamically allocating resources at run-time, shifting execution capabilities and GPU cores from under-utilized or idle resources.

Check out our white paper that dives into Arc's exclusive (and better performing) GPU configurations made possible thanks to our GPU hypervisor, GVM Server.
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Virtual Machine with four multiplexed Arc A100 GPUs

The Arc Stack

The ultimate software stack for AI and Machine Learning

We've optimized our GPU instances for training and inference. Preinstalled in all of our instances, the Arc Stack is always ready to go with managed updates. Spin up a virtual machine with TensorFlow, TensorBoard, PyTorch, Keras, ONNX, Weights & Biases, NumPy, SciPy, JAX, CUDA, cuDNN, and all NVIDIA Drivers already waiting for you. Never waste time on set up again.

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TensorFlow + TensorBoard

Neural Networks made easy by Google + the standard in experiment recording

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Neural Networks made easy by Meta

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Neural Networks made easier by Google

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Inter-framework model sharing + inference made easy

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Weights & Biases
Weights & Biases

Experiment recording made easy

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Math made easy

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Traditional data science made easy

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Neural Networks made faster by Google

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Free features included on all our servers

Arc Compute doesn't charge ingress or egress fees.
Ingress & Egress
Arc Compute offers 24/7 support.
24/7 Support
Arc Compute offers managed security-as-a-service.
Managed Security-as-a-Service
Arc Compute offers preconfigured images.
Preconfigured Images

Composable Dissagregated Infrastructure

The Only Cloud Provider to Offer Liqid Composable Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Liqid composable infrastructure leverages industry-standard data center components to deliver a flexible, scalable architecture built from pools of disaggregated resources. Compute, networking, storage, GPU, FPGA, and Intel® Optane™ memory devices are interconnected over intelligent fabrics to deliver dynamically-configurable bare-metal servers, perfectly sized, with the exact physical resources required by each deployed application.

Liqid + Arc solutions enable infrastructure to adapt and approach full utilization. Processes can be automated to realize further efficiencies to better address data demand associated with next-generation applications in AI, IoT deployment, DevOps, Cloud and Edge computing, NVMe- and GPU-over-Fabric (NVMe-oF, GPU-oF) support, and beyond.
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Liqid Matrix Diagram

Arc COmpute GPU Cloud Services

Utilizing the Best GPUs Available

We offer our customers access to all GPUs available on the market. Driven by our mission to help make GPU more accessible we offer customized solutions to all of our customers. Through close partnerships with hardware manufacturers Arc Compute can built your company a fully customized cloud or on premise infrastructure in no time at all.
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Optimized for Your Use Case

Running your workloads in our cloud opens up a world of opportunities, flexibility, and performance at a lower cost.
Arc Compute's GPU Cloud for data analytics
Data Analytics
Arc Compute's GPU Cloud computational drug discovery
Computational Drug Discovery
Arc Compute's GPU Cloud for AI, machine learning, and deep learning
AI, ML, & Deep Learning
Arc Compute's GPU Cloud for 3D modelling and simulation
3D Modeling & Simulations
Arc Compute's GPU Cloud for natural language processing
Natural Language Processing
Arc Compute's GPU Cloud for video processing and rendering
Video Analysis & Rendering
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