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Deploy Your GPU-Accelerated Infrastructure

Building your own on-premise infrastructure, utilizing the cloud, or adopting a hybrid model is not an easy decision to make. All options come with various pros and cons. Whether you need cloud-based or on-premise solutions, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Our hypervisor, GVM Server, is an all-in-one virtualization solution that will boost the performance and utilization of your GPUs, both in the cloud and on-premise.

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Virtualize Your GPUs with GVM Server

Building on open-source, GVM Server is a KVM + GVM based hypervisor solution. GVM Server offers a browser-based suite of tools for the provisioning and management of GPU-accelerated virtual machines in enterprise environments.
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Reserved GPU Cloud
All-In-One GPU
Leveraging powerful open-source technology, everything needed to virtualize your GPU infrastructure comes included, with the ability to spin up fully customizable VMs.
Organization-Level Provisioning
Nested roles allow organizations to manage data and resources for teams hierarchically. Admins can assign roles for managers and their staff, allocating compute resources as needed.
Browser-Based Remote Management
Remote Management
Virtual machines are visible through the browser-based management dashboard ensuring that you're always connected to the work that matters to you, regardless of your location.
Hardware-Enforced Security
Hardware-Enforced Security
Enforces memory separation using hardware MMU controllers. Separation between VMs is enforced by the hardware itself, ensuring the max level of protection for your data.

Introducing Borealis H100 Servers

Experience ultimate GPU performance with newly released NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Available in 4U and 8U form factors.
View OptionsBorealis H100 8U Server featuring 8 NVIDIA H100 GPUs
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Nvidia H100 GPUs
Up to
CPU cores & 256 threads
Up to
GB of memory
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