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How Does GVM Server Stack Up?

Compare GVM Server to other industry technologies and see why it's the right GPU virtualization solution for your organization.
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Data Center tech stack with GVM Server

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Virtualize Your GPUs with GVM Server

Building on open-source, GVM Server is a KVM + GVM based hypervisor solution. GVM Server offers a browser-based suite of tools for the provisioning and management of GPU-accelerated virtual machines in enterprise environments.
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Reserved GPU Cloud
All-In-One GPU
Leveraging powerful open-source technology, everything needed to virtualize your GPU infrastructure comes included, with the ability to spin up fully customizable VMs.
Organization-Level Provisioning
Nested roles allow organizations to manage data and resources for teams hierarchically. Admins can assign roles for managers and their staff, allocating compute resources as needed.
Browser-Based Remote Management
Remote Management
Virtual machines are visible through the browser-based management dashboard ensuring that you're always connected to the work that matters to you, regardless of your location.
Hardware-Enforced Security
Hardware-Enforced Security
Enforces memory separation using hardware MMU controllers. Separation between VMs is enforced by the hardware itself, ensuring the max level of protection for your data.